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Party Girl Starring Parker Posey

September 03, 2023 Barry & Colby Season 1 Episode 189
Who Watches This Podcast
Party Girl Starring Parker Posey
Show Notes

Its the start of the new school year so what better month to have than LIBRARY MONTH!!!!

Today were talking about:
1995's Party Girl: 
Although Mary (Parker Posey) has little income, she still finds ways to spend her nights at clubs. After being arrested for throwing an illegal rave, she asks her aunt Judy (Sasha von Scherler) for bail money. Judy then finds Mary a job at her library so that Mary can repay her. Initially, Mary finds the job as a clerk boring and stifling, and prefers to get to know a street food vendor (Omar Townsend) whom she likes. However, Mary must refocus her life once she loses her job and apartment.

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