Who Watches This Podcast

Ep. 60 Be Kind, Rewind

February 07, 2021 Barry & Colby Season 1 Episode 60
Who Watches This Podcast
Ep. 60 Be Kind, Rewind
Show Notes

For the next 2 months on Who Watches This Podcast we are talking about DUMP MONTH MOVIES! If you guys dont know what a dump month movie is it is a movie where studios believe the movie might not get back a huge return so they dump these movies at the beginning of the year where there are less returns at the box office. But you know what we here at WWTP say to that!? EVERY MOVIE DESERVES LOVE!

Today we talk about:
2008's indie comedy Be Kind, Rewind starring Mos Def & Jack Black! A movie about the love of a local VHS rental shop and it possibly getting shut down! Will the boys be able to save their favorite store?

If you guys have any request for future movie request please send us an email
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